Our Methodology

Animal Proofing Your Home


Each house first starts with a free inspection. During this inspection we will first identify if there are any clear signs of rodent activity. Then we do a full outside inspection of the home to determine any obvious and potential entry points on the home.

Animal Proofing / Exclusion

Once we complete our inspection we start the animal proofing process. We hand-cut and measure only the best and most permanent materials we have to offer. From custom fabricating heavy gauge aluminum to stainless steel cloth everything we do is to look as if it is part of the home.

*No Foam is used to close any spots of your home*


Our closure work and trapping go hand and hand. Once the home is animal proofed, any rodents left in the attic, if any, will have to come to a trap in search of food. It is important to always keep food put away or put into a chew-proof container.


The final step is to disinfect the attic space. We use an antiviral, antimicrobial disinfectant fog to sanitize the attic space. We also vacuum up the area above the garage where no insulation sits to remove any droppings we can. We do not vacuum insulated areas due to not wanting to remove insulation.